Suzuki GSX250RAL8

Unique Brad Ray Buildbase BSB Replica
Paint By Dream Machine. Signed by Brad Ridden By Brad-Order Now On The 19 Plate


Further enhancing Suzuki’s range of A2 licence-friendly machines is the GSX250R, which combines sharp, sporty looks and nimble performance with comfortable ergonomics, and is as at home cutting through city traffic as it is taking the long way home on twisty B-roads. Designed to give the best performance in the low to midrange, the GSX250R produces 23.4Nm of torque at 6,500rpm, with peak power 25PS at 8,000rpm. Intake valves are designed to optimise airflow into the combustion chamber, improving performance and reducing emissions to help meet stringent Euro4 regulation, while a new two-into-one exhaust enhances performance in the midrange. Clip-on handlebars give a direct, sporty, yet comfortable ride, which matches the GSX250R’s design as a sporty-styled machine that is equally comfortable on the daily commute or a weekend tour.