Light Bites...

Missed lunch and now you need something to keep you going... ...

Burgers and Dogs 
Add a bowl of chips for just £1.30… 
 Beef Burger with onions£2.80
 Cheese Burger with onions£3.20
 Dirty Burger with double burger, bacon, cheese and onions£5.50
 Chicken Filet Burger (Spicy or Plain)
with lettuce and mayo
 Hot Dog£2.50
 Hot Dog with Cheese and Onions£3.10
 Hot Dog with Chilli and Cheese£3.80
Baked Potatoes 
Served with a salad garnish… 
Beans and Cheese
Home Made Chilli
Tuna Mayonnaise
Light Bites 
 Sausage Roll£1.25
 Home Made Scotch Egg from£1.40

2 Toast topped with your choice of 
2 Eggs or Beans or Tomatoes or Cheese

 Roast Pork and Stuffing Sandwich£3.00
 Chicken and Bacon Baguette£4.00
 Fish Finger Sandwich£2.50

Now go out and ride some more…