Spent the morning riding ? Call in for a great lunch...




Home Made Meals
BBQ Pulled Pork with Wedges and Coleslaw£4.95
Cottage Pie with Veg and Gravy£4.95
Chicken Balti with Rice and Chips£4.95
Chilli and Rice£4.95
Lasagne with Garlic Bread£5.50
Broccoli and Stilton Soup£2.00
Carrot and Coriander Soup£2.00
Leek and Potato Soup£2.00
Meals with Chips
2 Eggs, Beans and Chips£3.20
2 Sausage, 2 Eggs and Chips£4.00
Chicken Filet Nuggets and Chips£4.15
2 Ham, 2 Eggs and Chips£4.20
Gammon, 2 Eggs and Chips£5.30
Served with a salad garnish…
Bacon and Cheese£4.10
Hot Beef and Mushrooms£4.50
Cheese and Onion£3.80
Chicken, Bacon and Mayo£4.10
Chicken, Onion and Mayo£4.00
Ham and Cheese£4.30
Tuna, Lettuce and Mayo£4.00
Tuna and Cheese Melt£4.10
Chicken, Bacon, Onion and Cheese£4.60
Cold Sandwiches and Baguettes
Tuna, Sweetcorn & Mayonnaise£3.30
Ham Salad£3.60
Roast Beef Cob£1.70
Cheese Salad£3.60
Cheese and Onion£3.00
Egg Mayonnaise£2.90