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Providing active people with protection from head to toe. This is the mission of Dainese, the Italian company that is a leader in the world of protective clothing and gear for motorcycle riders and dynamic sports In general. Dainese came into existence In 1972 in Molvena, Italy. Founded by its current President, Lino Dainese. Activity began with the production of leather pants for motocross riders.

Lino Dainese considers movement, high speed, and freedom, and how to put them all together with safety. Lino began designing a trademark and logo back in 1971 even before he founded his company. The fire inside is pointing in a specific direction. The devil runs fast and looks at the world through a magical lens, seeing things that others cannot yet even imagine. In the distance lies what Lino feels, what he wants to do and communicate together.

Motorcycle riders race. dare, and push adherence to the limit. That’s all they like to do, nothing else. Somebody has to provide them with protection, someone who knows them and their special needs. Study begins with the movements people make, and then takes off down the road of Innovation off the beaten track, before returning back to people with the products that improve their ergonomics and protection. THE

For Dainese, designing protection and safety around people means taking inspiration from Nature, such as the armadillos horny shell or the lobster’s carapace. Human history provides inspiration with Medieval and Renaissance suits of armour that once offered the privileged few protection, ergonomics, and safety. This is the challenge: transform the concepts of Nature and history’s most brilliant hunches into protective devices to be used by the largest possible number of users. Protection has finally become democratic.

For Dainese, working with world champions has always gone above and beyond mere sponsoring operations and assumed deeper meaning linked to research & development for innovative solutions that protect pilots and athletes under even the most difficult circumstances as those that arise during professional competition.

Dainese started with motorcycles and went far beyond: ever since ‘95, the protective technologies it has developed for the safety of motorcycle riders have been applied to other sports as well. First to Downhill mountain bikes, then skiing, and then to faster and faster sports, and water sports like jet-ski and kite-surf.

Leadership in the field of protection for people, especially those who love dynamic sports, from new prospects in the context of urban mobility to collaboration projects with MIT for a space suit designed for space walks that NASA Intends to use In its mission to Mars by 2030.