About Drift...

We enable people to capture and share their most inspiring moments…


Who We Are
A small, passionate team determined to create the best wearable and adaptable video cameras in the world. We are a collection of entrepreneurs, corporate misfits and designers crazy enough to think that one day we will be recognized as the leaders in the category. Our products are regularly reviewed as the best in the market so maybe we are not so crazy!

What We Believe
It’s all about you. Everything we make should be part of you, simple, intuitive and unobtrusive you don’t even realize you are using it.

We believe in great design and being the first to develop innovative new features.

We believe in creating what you need, not what we want to sell you. We don’t push gimmicks and flashy new technology that sounds great but you can’t use. We want you to use what we create, not be confused and frustrated by it.

What Drives Us
To be the best we can be and create products that bring joy and enable people to share their most exciting moments. We love customer feedback; it drives us to improve. Good feedback is great, but bad, though painful is what fuels us to better serve those we create our products for.

Good or bad, we love to share and engage so please get in touch. Help us be the best we can be to better serve you.

Our Message to you
Life is short so live your dream. Get out there, capture and share your adventures to inspire others to live their own dreams. We are proud of taking the journey with you.