Taster Sessions...

Get On is great but to be honest an hour's not really enough - that's why we came up with our own ninety minute taster sessions...

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What’s Involved with our Taster session?

A qualified motorcycle instructor will brief you about the session and kit you out with a safety helmet, Motorcycle Jacket and Motorcycle Gloves. You’ll then receive personal guidance from your instructor in our car free, safe and secure training area at Makro, which is just across the road from Streetbike. The instructor will get you used to the bike itself, including the clutch, gears, throttle and of course the brakes, before you know it you’ll be taking your first ride on a motorcycle. So, relax, and enjoy the ride!

After your session, you can ask questions about the motorbike training process – how to go about booking your CBT and what you need to do to start training with a view to getting your full motorcycle licence. Your instructor will also be able to offer advice on what bike to buy, what style might suit you and your intended riding, kit and anything else you want to know.

If you love the session, you’ve gained an amazing experience and you’ve taken your first steps toward motorcycle freedom and financial savings, if not, at least you’ve had the experience!

“If you’ve been bitten by the motorcycling bug” the next thing to think about is booking the CBT, which will cost between £120.00 & £145.00 , once you’ve completed that you can be riding on the road, as a learner, in no time.

New model bikes are available from just £68 a month!

Save Road Tax

With 125cc motorcycles only costing £18 a year in road tax, learning to ride a motorbike could save you well over £100 against a typical second hand small car of the same value.

Save Fuel

With many 125cc models achieving greater than 150mpg, riding a bike or scooter to work each day will save you hundreds in fuel costs alone.

Save Time

People often wish they had more time in the day, week and year- with a bike you will. Typical motorcycle journeys take 30% less time than the average car! You’ll have more time to see family and friends, hit the gym, and generally enjoy yourself rather than sitting in traffic.

Easier and Cheaper Parking!