…about Galfer

Mr. Maffio Milesi founded Industrias Galfer, S.A. in 1950. Today after a bit over half a century Galfer has developed to become one of the main manufacturers of friction composites for the Automotive Industry…

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Tradition, experience, and knowledge of the markets they serve, and a continuous investment on infrastructure for the latest technologies makes the company the choice of many OEM Automotive, Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Kart and Bicycle manufacturers.

To guarantee excellent results and the most advanced cutting edge technology Galfer employs one of the most innovative Research and Development teams, allowing them not only to be a market leader on innovative compounds but also to allow all their Automotive supplied costumer’s to pass that technology to their products and make those top edge technology. Thanks to their large efforts on R&D Galfer currently produces and sales products that not only meet but also exceed industry standards such as ECE-R-90.

Galfer’s Research and development team not only supports its work on their laboratories, they also test all of their products at racing levels. Galfer is well represented by many top World class race teams that share their findings on new products and help to make them better. The experience and knowledge received from the racing field has made the brand a well know name in the international Automotive as well as motorcycle racing scene.