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Behind every strong brand are outstanding products, a comprehensive range of services and committed employees. Company founder and pioneer Arnold Bucher started producing REX leather- and floor-care products in Butzberg near Langenthal in 1917. Increasing motorization led to a shift in business activities, and REX became MOTOREX in 1947.

The BUCHER-MOTOREX Group is an independent family business. It is made up of BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL, the parent company that is responsible for the development, production and distribution of MOTOREX-brand lubricants, and care and cleaning products; MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL, which specializes in industrial lubricants; and MOTOREX-TOPTECH AG, which sells and installs workshop equipment.

The company has pursued quality leadership in its products and associated services with unswerving continuity. Today, MOTOREX products worldwide are mentioned in the same breath as racing triumphs, top quality and industrial excellence.