Here’s what Dainese recommend :

1. Do not rub down the garment with a brush or abrasive materials or creams.
2. To remove both gnats and dust, simply wipe the area with a soft sponge soaked in neutral soap and water. It is best to promptly remove any organic spots left by insects (e.g. gnats, mosquitoes etc.), since the fluids they contain are quite aggressive on the leather.
3. Any oil or grease should be washed immediately with a soft damp cloth, clean with gentle circular movements, avoiding unduly rubbing the soiled area.
4. Dry the garment away from heat sources and in a well-ventilated place, it is best to use a clothes hanger to prevent the garment from creasing or taking on shapes that are difficult to eliminate.
5. When a garment is dried after it is accidentally wet, the leather may appear dry or stiff. To restore its initial characteristics use the Dainese Leather care KIT Protection and Cleaning Kit, which can be found at any Dainese dealer (Like Us !). The kit has two products: the first has an in-depth cleansing action on the leather, the second maintains it rich and soft, feeding the leather and keeping it hydrated.

The Kit can be also be used for normal cleaning and care for the garment, always when dry. Remember to take great care with garments made of several different materials. In this case, always and only follow the instructions on the garment label.