But if you have to…

Here’s 10 top tips from our slightly barking, every day- all weather riders here at Streetbike…

1. Go later and avoid the Traffic

2. Avoid Elevated Sections of Motorways. They’re the blowiest. M5 J1- J2 is a particularly blustery hot     spot. So keep low.

3. Avoid High Sided Trucks – Don’t pass unless necessary and keep well back out of their bow wave! If you have to pass, keep wide. You pay your taxes so use the 3rd lane on the M-Way if you need to. Just give trucks a very wide berth.

4. Keep your speed down – acceleration makes the front of the bike light and more susceptible to cross winds. Likewise, hard braking makes the back light – ditto susceptibility. Smooth works always and especially now.

5. Relax on the bike – use a light but firm grip on the bars AND KEEP LOOKING AROUND YOU.

6. Allow plenty of space between you and any traffic or pedestrians. Gusts are unpredictable for everybody.

7. If you’re getting buffeted, particularly passing trucks, drag your back brake lightly, this will stabilize the bike.

8. Keep looking around you and plan ahead. Watch what the trees are doing for an indication of what the winds doing ahead of you. If the tree’s in the road – the winds up!

9. Keep an eye out for open spaces either side of you. Roads approaching from the left or right can channel wind right across your path with very little warning. Slow your approach to junctions.

10. ENJOY IT. Seriously. All experience is education and this is sharp end training for that round the world bike trip you’re going to do…aren’t you? After all, if its 200 miles to the last ferry out of Tangier, you’ve got to make it wind or no wind.