Real World Mileage...

Those darn manufacturers tell us every last specification for their machines bar one - how many miles per gallon does it actually do...

Real World Mileage IMAGE

So we decided to do something about it.

After all these are hard times and, especially if we are using our bikes for the daily commute, we need to know how much it’s going to cost us…

We all know how much cheaper it is to ride a bike than drive a car and let’s not even talk about rail fares

SO – now here are some hard facts…

MakeModelMPGCost per mileType of Riding
SuzukiSFV650L0 Gladius72£0.09Training School
SuzukiGSF650SAL0 Bandit53£0.12Commuting & Motorway
SuzukiGSXR600L152£0.12Commuting & Motorway
SuzukiC80051£0.12Commuting & Motorway
SuzukiGSXR-1000L243£0.14Commuting & Motorway
SuzukiDL650X58£0.11Commuting & Motorway
SuzukiGSX1250FAL245£0.14Commuting & Motorway
Suzuki2012 GSX-R100054.80WTC TEST
Suzuki2016 DL100059.04WTC TEST
Suzuki2011 GSX-R75053.95WTC TEST
Suzuki2011 GSX-R60055.08WTC TEST
Suzuki2011 GSR750/A60.45WTC TEST
Suzuki2012 DL650A71.19WTC TEST
Suzuki2012 SFV650/A67.80WTC TEST
Suzuki2013 Inazuma 25085.87WTC TEST
Suzuki2013 Burgman 650A60.50WTC TEST
Suzuki2013 Intruder C1500T53.38WTC TEST
Suzuki2016 SV65073.6WTC TEST
YamahaXC125E Vity103£0.06Mixed


*Data resulting from tests made by Suzuki in compliance with WMTC. These tests were conducted by a single rider with no additional optional equipment. Fuel consumption may vary depending on your riding style, how you maintain your vehicle, weather, road conditions, tyre pressure, the presence of accessories, the load, the weight of the crew and many other parameters…