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Yamaha's "Communication Plaza" opened in 1998 as a facility for sharing the past, present and future of Yamaha Motor....

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The Yamaha Communication Plaza was born of a vision formulated on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Yamaha Motor to create a facility that would gather in one place an archive and exhibits of the many products, technologies and activities that the company has created since its founding in 1955, and to also serve as a venue for deepening communication and exchange with our customers and the society at large, in ways that help achieve our corporate mission of being a company that creates Kando.

That vision became a reality when the Communication Plaza was opened on July 1, 1998, the 43rd anniversary of the company’s founding.

Ground Floor : Symbol Zone
The first thing visitors to the Communication Plaza see is the Symbol Zone displaying the historic models that are the roots of today’s Yamaha product lines, including the very first Yamaha motorcycle “YA-1,” the jointly developed Toyota 2000GT, the early snowmobile “SL350”, the first outboard motor “P-7” and the production motorboat “STRIPE-18.”
Ground Floor : Product Display Space
Here visitors see models old and new from the full range of Yamaha products, from the motorcycles and scooters used and loved by people around the world, the boats, PWCs and outboard motors that are an integral part of today’s marine leisure, as well as other leisure vehicles like golf cars, snowmobiles and ATVs, plus a wide variety of products used in daily life, such as PAS electrically power assisted bicycles, portable generators, snow throwers, water purifiers, industrial robots and utility-use unmanned helicopters.
Ground Floor : Presentation Room
This room is for presentations about Yamaha Motor through media such as our corporate videos.
Ground Floor : Simulation Corner
Here, sound simulators, image simulators and video and computer monitors offer visitors virtual experiences of Yamaha products. There may also be models that can actually be mounted and ridden.
Ground Floor : Plaza Shop
At this shop you can purchase a variety of original Yamaha goods and items that will make perfect souvenirs of your visit.
First Floor : History Space
Here visitors journey back to the very earliest years of Yamaha Motor through displays explaining the origins of Yamaha’s tuning fork mark and its meaning, a short biographical introduction to the corporate founder, Genichi Kawakami, and his philosophy, a display of Yamaha’s first motorcycle, “YA-1,” and the subsequent “YD-1,” which was the company’s first completely original model. Photo exhibits show the early history of Yamaha racing and displays of actual race machines from the various categories over the years stand alongside other important Yamaha motorcycles, marine and automobile engines, snowmobiles and other products that give the visitor a panorama of our corporate history.
First Floor : Plaza Library
This library is an archive of materials about our corporate history, documents, journals and magazine articles about various Yamaha products and more.
Second Floor : Plaza Café
Soft drinks, coffee, tea, desserts and light lunches are available here. It is a nice place for rest and refreshment on your visit to the Plaza.

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