Sport Scooter Series...

The MAX is never enough...


At the start of the third millennium, Yamaha developed a new kind of premium scooter that was to change everything. Delivering a whole new level of performance, comfort and style, the TMAX created the maxi scooter category.

As well as totally dominating its category from day one, the TMAX inspired the creation of a family of MAX models that bring a vibrant new look and sporty attitude to the streets.


Yamaha TMAX Scooter THUMB Yamaha TMAX DX THUMB
Yamaha TMAX Yamaha TMAX DX  
Yamaha XMAX400 Scooter THUMB  Yamaha X-MAX 300 ScooterTHUMB  X-MAX 125 is built to make every trip more enjoyable by giving you the ideal balance of sportiness, practicality and functionality.
Yamaha X-MAX 400  Yamaha X-MAX 300  Yamaha X-MAX 125

Taking the sport scooter concept to another level…