Sports Heritage Series...

Inspired by the past, built for the future...


A new era of Sport Heritage Yamaha motorcycles started with the introduction of the XV950 and XV950R, two performance bobbers that are inspired by the past, yet built for the future. With looks influenced by Yamaha’s strong heritage and traditional values, these models marked the beginning of a new range of Yamaha motorcycles that blend the very latest technology with established looks to inspire riders that are looking to the essence of motorcycling.

In garages all over the world, riders have been customising Yamaha motorcycles to give their own timeless spin on already established classic looks. Drawn by the iconic machines of the 1970’s and 1980’s, these fabrication specialists have used traditional Japanese quality engineering as a basis to build a whole new style of motorcycle. Each bike is individual to its creator, reflecting their own personality and influences, however at their heart they remain true to the core principles of engineering excellence ingrained within every Yamaha motorcycle.

Yamaha XV950R THUMBYamaha XV950R THUMB
Yamaha SCR950Yamaha XV950R
Yamaha XSR900 THUMBYamaha XSR700 THUMBYamaha XSR700 Tribute THUMB
Yamaha XSR900Yamaha XSR700Yamaha XSR700 XTribute

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