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When it appeared on the scene in 2001, the Yamaha FJR1300 took the motorcycling world by storm.

Faster, sleeker and more exciting than any other machine in the class – and with outstanding sports handling performance and high levels of comfort to match – the FJR was a revelation.

Featuring sophisticated styling, class leading comfort and the latest braking systems, the FJR1300A is destined to maintain its position as Europe’s favourite sports tourer. Plus with its advanced YCC-S electronically-controlled shifting system, the FJR1300AS brings F1 car technology to the sports tourer rider for the very first time.

With its remarkable engine and chassis performance, combined with its legendary ‘go-anywhere’ long-distance ability, the Yamaha FJR Series has come to be widely recognised as today’s premier sports tourer.

Now, joining these are the new kids on the block – the Tracers…

Yamaha FJR1300A THUMBYamaha FJR1300AE THUMBYamaha FJR1300AS THUMB
Yamaha FJR1300AYamaha FJR1300AEYamaha FJR1300AS
Yamaha Tracer 900 GT THUMBYamahaTracer 900 THUMB
Tracer 900 GTTracer 900
Yamaha Tracer 700 GT THUMBYamaha Tracer 700 THUMB
Tracer 700GTTracer 700

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