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Move quickly around the city on A roads and arrive on time at every appointment without thinking about the traffic conditions, fuel costs or where you are going to have to park.

All this and you don’t even have to give up on comfort, plus you get all the contempory technology, quality and reliability you would expect from a scooter made by Yamaha. Each scooter has Yamaha DNA throughout that transforms it into a vehicle you’ll have fun with all week long. Plus you won’t want to stop riding all weekend either.

With the power to quickly pull away from traffic lights, cruise at speed on fast open roads or thread through traffic, they are all easy to ride, extremely practical and fun! Also an important factor for scooter riders, styling that’s definitely front page material – very cool.

Yamaha MW125 Tricity Scooter THUMBYamaha NMax Scooter THUMBYamaha XC115 D'elightTHUMB
Yamaha TricityYamaha NMAXYamaha D’elight