In celebration of Zero Motorcycles 10th Anniversary...


Zero is pleased to offer Zero Motorcycles 10th Anniversary Savings to any customer who purchases a new 2016 Zero motorcycle.

Eligible Models:  
Model Year 2016 S, DS, SR and DSR Zero Motorcycles, which are new and not warranty registered.
Model Year 2016 FX and FXS Zero Motorcycles, which are new and not warranty registered.

Offer Period:  
June 1st, 2016 – September 31st, 2016.

Program Terms and Conditions:

An Anniversary Bonus of £745.00,- for S-platform Zero Motorcycles (excluding “limited edition” models) and an Anniversary Bonus of £515.00,- for X-platform Zero Motorcycles will be sent directly to the final customer 4-6 weeks after Zero Motorcycles receives the completed vehicle warranty registration showing the date of sale during the program period. For Switzerland and UK, equivalent amounts in local currency apply.

Dealers must complete and submit the warranty registration. 

Only one refund per person, per purchase.

This offer cannot be used towards the purchase of the motorcycle, taxes, or destination fees.

Program Terms and specifications may change without notice.

Zero reserves the right to cancel, amend and modify this program at any time at its sole discretion.

To successfully apply for this promotion, the customer needs to send an email to anniversary.eu@zeromotorcycles.com with the following attachments no later than July 31st 2016: proof of registration of the bike (e.g. V5 in the UK), copy of the bank account, copy of ID/Passport identifying the beneficiary of the bank account is the same as the owner of the bike.