The BIG ONE 2016...

SUNDAY 18th DECEMBER : Our second Toy Run of the year this time to Birmingham Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.

The Big One Main Image

This is where this ride started from.  All from a little lad called Charlie.
Every year the numbers on the ride have doubled –  Last years count was 250
Share it out – invite all bikers. Let’s double it again…

This year we’ll be riding with legends…

Steve Harris MBE

John Reynolds
…and for those who can’t ride, we have the open top fun bus again. Places are limited on the bus, so first come first served.

You can drop your presents or donations off at Streetbike to save carrying them on the day. We would prefer gifts rather than money but any money donated will be split equally between the 2 charities. No doubt about it – Gary will be organising the present conga line into the Streetbike Van like last year!!!

Ronald MacDonald House needs the following…

If you use it in your house they need it!!! Anything that is donated is gratefully received and really does help. Yep, anything from a box of tea bags to a bottle of loo cleaner!!!

OR get something from their Amazon Wish List by clicking here…

Birmingham Children’s Hospital especially needs items for teenagers…

Every year they get tons of gifts for babies, toddlers and up, but hardly anything for the older children.

Sorry, please don’t wrap your presents. This is due to the tough NHS infection control policy.

Streetbike will be open specially from 09:00 on the day and the Cafe team will be in to look after you as usual.

The ride will leave promptly at 11:00am

This year we’ve been given the green light to take the ride past the main entrance to the hospital on our way to parking and refreshments at Ronald Macdonald House. Unfortunately due to security reasons we cannot do ward visits at the Children’s Hospital but Libby Aston and her staff, as always, will be happy to give anyone a tour of Ronald MacDonald house.

Thank you Chris O’Sullivan, Mac Bensley, Mick Flett, Mark Etton for starting this ride in the first place and to Matt “Badger” Davis with all the team at Bridgenorth Bikers for doing such a great job of organizing it every year…

Please click here to let us know you are coming along…

Riders Brief…

This is the riders brief for the Big One 2016 going from Streetbike to Ronald Macdonald house Birmingham with a ride past the front entrance of Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Sadly, as previous years, we cannot park on the children’s hospital carpark due to lack of space and the need to keep emergency access for ambulances

Parking, refreshments, and a very warm welcome, will be at Ronald Macdonald House Birmingham

Start point is Streetbike 91-107 Dudley Road Halesowen. Parking opens at 9 am. Please do not arrive before as we need time to set up. Streetbike cafe opens specially for you at 9am.  The parking at Streetbike will be strictly controlled and a one way system will be in operation. Stewards will be directing everyone to parking spaces.  Due to the numbers expected, you must park where asked.

There will be no right turn onto the carpark this is for safety reasons instead you will be directed to the island to turn round and come back on yourself.

The ride starts at 11am prompt a ten minute warning will be verbally shouted both on the building tannoy and in the carpark, a check will be made that everyone is ready before we set off.

All learners will be placed on the separate carpark, any learners wishing to travel with full license friends or family please let the stewards at the entrance know.

All trikes will be parked at the side of the building and will be at the rear of the ride. This is for safety reasons only ( cars can’t overtake you guys as easily, it also lets stewards along the ride know the rear is approaching ).

The ride itself…

Stewards will be placed along the route on traffic islands and traffic lights there job is to mark the route out only they will not be stopping traffic, on islands they will circle the island to slow on coming traffic down only enter the island if it is clear for you to do so.  All traffic lights must obeyed regardless. There are stewards marking the route and in permanent communication with the lead you don’t need to worry about getting lost.

A change to last years ride is going down Steelhouse Lane in order to do this the ride must cross a dual track road traffic light controlled please exercise extra vigilance here as it is in the middle of the city centre, I will be stopping the ride just up from here so we go past in one group loads of noise here please the children will be watching from windows and hopefully those well enough will be outside to watch.

Entering Ronald Macdonald house carpark will be a right turn again stewards will be directing everyone to parking spaces. We may have TV cameras recording so please loads of noise here.

It is Bridgnorth Biker’s policy to have a zero tolerance approach to stunting please don’t – we will ask you to leave the ride.

Ride safe and enjoy the ride…
Thank you