Common Questions.

Here's a list of commonly asked questions with answers by our training team...


Where does Training Take Place?

All of our training courses begin at our training facility:

Makro, Pitcairn Drive,
West Midlands.
B62 8AZ

I want to take my bike test and get a full motorcycle licence – What do I need to do?

Firstly You will need a UK Provisional or Full car licence with Provisional motorcycle entitlement Cat A (Cat A1 or Cat A2 depending on your age). Then a C.B.T training day & get yourself a CBT Certificate (DL196) next you are going to need to pass a Motorcycle Theory & Hazard Perception Test,  followed by several days on-road training you should then be in a position to take the Module 1 off road & Module 2 on road test, at the end.

Do I have to book my own theory test?

Yes, click on the link to book online at 

you will need your Driving Licence & a Credit / Debit Card.

How long does the theory test take?

About an hour in total !

Is there any literature I can buy to help me pass my theory test?

Yes, we recommend the “The Complete Motorcycle Theory & Hazard Perception Tests” available as a PC DVD Rom. And “The official DVSA Guide to Riding” the essential skills both should be available at any large bookstore.

Do I need to pass the theory if I have a full car licence?

Yes you do, The Motorcycle theory test is a separate & distinct test specifically for Motorcycles, it is valid for two years from date of issue.

Can I carry passengers as a learner?

No, but if you passed your car test before Feb-2001 you can ride a 49cc moped without L Plates and take a passenger.

Can I go on Motorways as a learner?


Do I need L-Plates?

Yes Front and Rear, they should also be clearly visible.

What time do the courses start?

Our courses start promptly at 08.30 and finish between 16.00 and 17.00 hours.

Do I need a theory test to do a C.B.T?


Do I need to renew my C.B.T before my bike training?

Only if it has expired, CBT’s are only valid for 2 years from date issue!

I have a full car licence, do I need a C.B.T?

You may only ride a 49cc moped if you passed you car test before February 2001. Anything bigger requires a C.B.T

How old do I need to be to do my C.B.T?

16 years old, this would enable you to ride upto 49cc, at 17 you could ride up to 125cc.

Do I need to do another C.B.T to ride a 125cc when I am 17 years old?

No, your CBT will be valid for you to ride up to 125cc when you turn 17.

If I do my C.B.T on an automatic, can I ride a geared bike?

Yes, C.B.T is a blanket cover – It will cover a rider for all types of Geared or Automatic bikes up to 125cc.

Can I fail a C.B.T?

As C.B.T is not a test or exam, you cannot fail, however if you do not reach the required standard then we cannot issue a CBT certificate on that day, you will have to re-book and train again, until your instructor feels that you have reached a safe standard of riding & are safe to continue to learn unsupervised.

How long will my C.B.T last?

CBT’s are valid for 2 years,  from the date of issue.

How long does C.B.T take?

We start at 08.30 and finish around 16.00 to 17.00 hrs, you will need to allow the day.

You can contact us on 0121 296 5669 Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 17:00.

Outside of these hours, you can leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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