Get On...

Daily commute getting you down? Fed up delays in public transport, rising ticket prices, lack of seats or the daily grind into work generally?

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Then a motorbike or scooter may be just the solution you’ve been waiting for. Bikes and scooters are cheap, quick and fun. What’s even better is that now you can try it for FREE!

What is the Get On Scheme ?
The Get On Schem is brought to you by the leading motorcycle manufacturers, dealers and other companies in the market. Get On want to support anyone in getting on two wheels by actively promoting the many positives of motorcycling, and by introducing as many people as possible who have never ridden to a free riding experience, and by encouraging those who have left motorcycling to start again.

Why do it at Streetbike ?
Here at Streetbike we are one of only a few dealers in the country that have their own dedicated on-site training school. We do this to ensure that you have a quality experiance from day one and we get to know you right fom the start of your biking adventure.

What do you get ?
One of our experienced trainers will look after you, and there won’t be more than two riders per instructor. Your instructor will give you a safety briefing and kit you out with a helmet and all the essential gear.

The practical session lasts about an hour. You’ll be introduced to the controls and learn to get rolling and stop safely. Then you practice changing gear, controlling the motorbike or scooter at low speeds, and riding around a simple course. At the end, you get feedback about your riding and the chance to ask questions about further training, how to buy a motorcycle, or anything else.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We know that once you’ve tried it, you’ll love it and want to take it further.

If you don’t, that’s fine. But if you don’t try it, you’ll never know.

What do I need to do ?
You don’t need a licence, but you do need to be 16 or over. Just simply lick the logo on the right and you will be taken straight to the Get On site where you will be able to sign up for your free ride here at Streetbike. You can even sign up your mates as well…