Ticket To Ride...

A solution unique to Streetbike that will get you trained, prepared, licenced, skilled and riding your bike, quickly.

Your ticket to your dream bike with Streetbike Motorcycle Training in the West Midlands

Basically, it’s about Streetbike getting you on to the bike you want as quickly, as safely and as economically as possible.

It’s about your dream bike being the start point –

“That’s the bike I want, now how do I get there?”

With Ticket To Ride at Streetbike. That’s how. You pick the bike you want and we train you right up to the tests you need to pass to ride it.

Bike + Training + Test in One Sweet Deal.

All of it possible because, at Streetbike, we have our own on site Rider Training School. We have the capability to take you from novice to full licence competently, quickly and safely.

What’s in it for me?

Loads !

1. The Sexiest most Gorgeous Piece of Paper in the World…

A FULL MOTORCYCLE LICENCE. Pass your test and you get your “Ticket To Ride” any bike, anywhere on the planet for the life of your licence. Priceless.

2. Save Money – Over & Over & Over again…

The training we include when you buy a “Ticket To Ride” bike is a FULL direct access course. This could realistically be anywhere up to £1210.50. We cost it in to your bike deal at a fixed price of £999.00 for CBT (usually a one day course) and up to 5 days training, with 1 x Module 1 Test and 1 x Module 2 Test on the final day of your course, saving you £211.50 right there!

If you buy a new machine, we can wrap the bike and training into one deal that qualifies for either Suzuki’s or Yamaha’s low rate finance schemes. Normal conditions apply. Ask for a written quote.

You go straight to the bike you want. One transaction. No need to buy a learner bike, then sell it or part exchange it (and suffer the cost of depreciation), just to get the bike you always wanted in the first place.

→  You get on a Bike Quickly.
→  Better MPG
→  Lower Road Tax
→  More Fun
→  More Life

3. Convenience…

We manage the lot. We help you choose the right bike for you. We’ll go through the payment options & manage the financing and sale. You pay your deposit. (Minimum =£600) We will organise & carry out all riding tuition from compulsory basic training (CBT) to your MOD2 road test. We will book & pay for: 1 x Mod 1 Off road test and 1 x Mod 2 road test. We will provide fully insured bikes for your training and even loan helmets and riding gear if needed.

4. The Life Style…

When you pass your test & ride away on your shiny new bike…you’re in. It changes your life in ways you can’t understand right now but you’ll fully understand within weeks. It’s about passion, freedom, the people, the possibility of adventure and a life with less limits.

You are so gonna love it. 

How do I get going?

Get yourself and your U.K driving licence up to Streetbike and let us talk you through it. Your licence can be a Full Car or Provisional, with a Category A (Motorcycle) entitlement, you will just need to bring in the Photo Card part of your Licence.


But even if you haven’t got it, we can get the ball rolling. Look at the bikes. Sit on a few. Get some payment figures. Talk about training. Take some brochures. We can even send you over the post office to get your licence application.

Give us a call: 0121 296 5664.

But really, if you can, come in. There’s a lot of good stuff to talk about & it’s always best done, face to face.

We don’t bite. Honest. Well not often anyway.

What Started it off?

These guys inspired it all…… The Mott boys


Back in 2011 they got 3 Sparkly new Suzuki’s + 3 Full rider training courses + 3 super low finance deals on the lot + 3 Suzuki “£99 Comp insurance” deals = 4 smiling faces…including mine.

So to sum up…
We manage the whole process for you…

→  We help you chose the right big bike for you
→  We’ll go through the payment options & manage the financing and sale
→  You pay your deposit
→  We’ll organise all of your training including all test bookings
→  We’ll train you from compulsory basic training (CBT) to your MOD2 road test
→  We’ll include all the training bike hire (fully insured) and your first lot of test fees
→ And when you pass

→ Pay your balance or sign up your finance agreement, ride away smiling on your new bike

→ And we’re always here: If you want further training on your new bike, we can sort that too