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These are the questions we think you might want answers to, but if we've missed something, just give us a call or, better still, pop in...

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Ticket To Ride – F.A.Q’s
These are the questions we think you might want answers to, but if we’ve missed anything, or you’ve got any questions, just give us a call or pop in.
Ticket to Ride – What’s that all about then?

The spirit of TTR is to get you on to the bike you want as safely and quickly as possible using all the facilities we have here at Streetbike. Primarily our own, on site, rider training school. The idea is, we to take all the hassle out the process for you. We’ll manage the training, the bike sale, everything, front to back, leaving you to concentrate on getting through your test and into a fantastic life on two wheels. We aim to get you the best deal on the whole package. If you are buying a new bike and the manufacturer is offering a finance deal on the machine, we will try and wrap the whole deal, bike and training, into the scheme so that you could get low rate APR or 0% APR on the lot and get a great value intro into our world.

What training do I get for my money?

You get a full direct access motorcycle rider training course, of up to five days in duration and everything you need to get through your test: All bike hire, bike insurance and all the practical bike training you need to get your licence.


All you need is to:           Book and pass a Motorcycle Theory and Hazard perception Test!

Be in possession of a valid UK Driving Licence.



The theory test can be booked online:  www.gov.uk/book-theory-test or over the phone, dialling 0800 200 1122

Practical rider training

1 X CBT (Compulsory Basic Training). The first stage. Further training for MOD 1 test. 1 X MOD 1 off road test. Further training for MOD 2 test 1 x MOD 2 Accompanied road test.

The Module 1 and 2 Test are usually taken together on the final day of the course.

A full direct access course is normally £1210.50 When you buy a bike on Streetbike’s Ticket to Ride (TTR) scheme we recognise you are buying a bike and training so we discount your training course to £999.00, saving you £211.50… which you are more than welcome to spend on clothing or accessories J
But how much training do I get?

A fair question and one we’re happy to answer. You get a Compulsory Basic Training course (Usually a one day course) four full days of training with as much training as we can get in on day five up to the module 1 test and before the module 2 test . That is Full days too. Not half days. Not morning or afternoon “sessions”. (Many schools quote this). You will be in here at 8.30am and won’t finish ‘til 4pm on most days. You will have a break for lunch. We have our own on site café for great food and even better coffee! We can accommodate smaller sessions but prefer to do it this way. The course is reasonably intense. Anything worth having always is. But your bike licence will change your life and we aim to make it as enjoyable as possible. Our full day format massively improves the chance of getting you through the test first time. The stats bear this out. Our 1st time pass rate on MOD 1 & MOD 2 tests is always around 90%. The national average is 62%.

What about the bikes?

Very, very good question and mega important. All of our bikes are new. Our training school has great respect and support from our two franchises; Yamaha and Suzuki. This allows us to rotate our training school bikes regularly in order that students have the best possible training experience with no machine malfunctions. We have seen students taken to test, psyched up and ready after days of intensive training, only to see the test aborted cos the bike wouldn’t start or leaked oil or the indicators stopped working. It’s just so, so unfair on the student….and costly for the retest. Both Steve & I resolved that would never happen on a Streetbike bike. It never has. Also, all our DAS bikes have ABS brakes. This is to give students maximum confidence during the emergency stop and the best possible chance of passing it.

What about the theory test?

You need to get on to it early doors. You will need to have passed a Motorcycle Theory test before you can take either your MOD1 (off road) or MOD 2 (On Road) practical road tests. When passed, both the theory test and CBT pass certificates last for 2 years or until you pass your full test. These are a good couple of passes to have in the bank early on. You still must do a motorcycle theory test even if you have taken one for a car. Car driving and Bike riding are very different disciplines and so have different theory test questions.

Is there a minimum deposit for “Ticket to Ride” deals?

Yes. It is £600 on every TTR bike, to cover at least part of the cost of the training. This can be paid by cash or credit/debit card.

What if I decide half way through that biking is not for me? Do I lose my £600?

We really doubt this will happen, but No. Not all of it. We will calculate the cost of the training you have taken to date, deduct it from your deposit and refund you any remaining balance in full. We will never charge for training you haven’t received.

What about the bike I’ve ordered? Do I have to take it? Yes and No….

NO: If you have simply ordered the bike and paid a deposit and it’s just not working out, you have no obligation to take the bike.

YES: If you’ve signed a finance agreement to buy the bike. However, we would not recommend you sign any agreement to purchase the bike until the end or close to the end of your training. I.e. When you know, it’s happening! Once you have decided you want the bike, it would be a good idea not to apply for or take credit for anything else until the bike is signed for and has gone through, as taking more credit could affect the original proposal for the bike.

I’ve already done my CBT. Can I pay less deposit because I need less training?

No. The minimum initial deposit for a TTR bike will always be £600 but, we will never charge you for training you don’t take. When you buy a TTR deal you are buying the bike and 5 days training with all practical test fees. You will get 5 days training. If you’ve already done a CBT we may put in an extra day on road 125 training or an extra day “big bike” DAS training instead of the CBT. We will tailor it to fit your requirements and always with the goal of getting you through both tests first time. That’s our mission.

Am I guaranteed to pass 1st time?

No. That can never be guaranteed. The “Ticket to Ride” course takes you right up to your tests once. If you pass first time, and most of our pupils do, then you’re done. Brill. Step up and get your bike.

What if… whisper it…. I don’t pass first time?

First off…. it’s not the end of the world. We will re-train you on the areas required and resubmit for test as soon as possible. This will incur additional charges and these are laid out below.

Module 1 Off Road – Top up training and Re Test £200.00 Per Day + £15.50 Module 2 On Road – Top Up training and Re test £200.00 Per Day + £75.00 Early Test (i.e. up to 10.30am) are charged at half day rate (£100.00)

Am I guaranteed to get 0% or low APR finance on my bike and training?

We’ll definitely be trying and we’d love to be able to say yes…but No. That can never be guaranteed. The availability of 0% depends on whether the manufacturer of the bike you have chosen has a 0% finance offer on that machine at the time you purchase it.

Am I guaranteed to get finance full stop?

Again. No, we can’t guarantee it. But my God we’ll be trying hard for you. Trust me, we want to sell you a bike as much as you want to buy one. Finance is always available subject to status. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Streetbike are licensed credit brokers, authorised and directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (F.S.A). Full written quotations are always available on request.

How long will it take from placing my deposit to passing my test and taking my bike?

It’s not possible to stipulate an exact time because we have to work around availability of test dates with the DVSA. However, we will be aiming to get you through the (MOD 1) off road test and on to your practical road test (MOD2) within a month – subject to test availability and Training School capacity.
Can I get Ticket to Ride on any bike?

Yes. You can get a TTR package on any new or used bike or scooter from Streetbike. Just ask for a quote. We actively promote TTR prices on bikes we feel make good first big bikes, but it’s available on any bike. We are a responsible dealer. We would not advocate a high powered top end sports bikes, like a Yamaha YZF-R1 for instance, as a good 1st big bike. We value you and we do like to sleep at nights.
I’m under 24. Can I get Ticket to Ride on a big bike and have it restricted?

(19-24 =A2 Restricted License) Yes. No problem.

If you pass your full bike test when you’re under 24 years of age you get a Category A2 motorcycle licence. This licence allows you to ride a big bike, but its max power output must not exceed 35KW (46BHP) with a power to weight ratio of not more than 0.2 per Kw per Kg and cannot be derived from a bike with more than twice its power.

It’s a full bike licence in every other way: – You lose the L plates, can carry a passenger and go on motorways. All training and tests for this licence are done on a 125cc machine and a restricted 650cc big bike

Most bigger bikes exceed 35Kw 46bhp, therefore they must have a restrictor kit fitted to bring the power down. After 2 years, you can elect to do an “Uplift” test on a full power machine to get your full Category A motorcycle license. You do not need to do a CBT or Theory for this “Uplift” test.

We can fit restrictor kits for most bikes and they range in price from £150 to £600 fitted depending on the bike, the method of restriction and the kit supplier.

If you are going down this route, you should seriously consider a new machine because YOU COULD GET THE KIT FREE. Yamaha offer free kits on some of their bikes. Suzuki have some fabulous “1st Big Bikes” and they offer subsidised prices for 35Kw restrictor kits on all of them. For updated availability give us a call on 0121 296 5665.

What If I order a bike, start my training then change my mind on the bike I want?

We can deal with that because we’ve already had to. The Suzuki SV650 ABS we use in our training school are just brilliant 1st bikes. New riders love ‘em. So much so that customers have changed from the bikes they had originally ordered and gone for an SV instead. We can accommodate this as long as it’s early on in the training. Before you do your MOD1 off road test. Remember…our mission is to get you safely and quickly onto the bike that’s right for you. And we’ll do whatever we can to achieve that. We want to keep you as a customer for a long time yet.

And remember… We are with you all the way on this journey. We are here to help. No question is daft if you don’t know the answer. Just ask. Welcome to biking. It’ll change your life. You’re gonna love it!!