Courtesy Fleet...

Just because your babies in for some work doesn't mean you can't still get around. Ask for a Courtesy Bike when you make your booking...

Workshop Fleet IMAGE

…and you won’t get some old minger that happens to be lying around !

ALL our Courtesy bikes are changed regularly – the current fleet is less than two years old.

At the moment the fleet consists of no less than FIVE Suzuki SV650AL7 machines, one of which is restricted so don’t feel left out if you’re on a restricted licence, and for small bike owners we’ve got a couple of Suzuki UK110 Addresses. Plus we have a Yamaha R3 and a Yamaha Tracer 700 if you want something a bit different

So how does it work….

Obviously they are available on a 1st come, 1st serve basis, so be smart and book one when you book your service. If you leave it until you turn up you could be drinking a lot of coffee ! The bike should have a full tank of fuel please make sure you fill ‘er up before you bring it back so it’s ready for the next customer.

You’ll need to generate a code to share your driving licence. So go to

and you’ll need your driving licence and your national insurance number.

Please bring your licence & this code on the day of your booking. Don’t forget if you bin it there’s the usual grand excess – so don’t !