Our Cool Kit...

For Health & Safety reasons you can't come into our workshop, which is a shame 'cause we've got some really cool kit in there...


Them there green things are our Fuel Injection Test & Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines. Most dealers don’t have one of these as they are seriously expensive bits of kit.

The combination of these two allow our techs to

→ Fine Tune injectors to create matched sets for smoother Power Delivery
→ Fault find injector spray patterns
→ Check for Injector leaks
→ Do a full clean of injectors whilst they are being worked so that the seats are done as well


That there red thing allows the technicians to quickley and accurately balance your wheels after they have fitted a new tyre. See the display even tells you its Go od !!!


Our technicians are used to using the latest technology to help them as they work. Keith here is using the latest diagnostic software on his laptop whilst chatting with a fellow technician at Zero’s European HQ in Holland. Our workshop has it’s own dedicated Wi Fi network to facilitate this type of global interactive working.