Steal More Summer - Steal it Now...

Get your bike on our ramps now while the temperature is “low ‘n Snow”. Save £££’s. Then be ready to rock at the first sniff of spring...

Book your bike in for a scheduled service at Streetbike by calling Neil or Roger in Workshop direct on 0121 296 5670 between now and 28th February and get…

Free Collection and Delivery back to you within 25 miles of Streetbike

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Free Wash and Valet… if you want one.


Got a


Got a


Free Oil and a Genuine Oil Filter*    Free Oil and a Genuine Oil Filter*
AND….      …AND
10% off any additional Suzuki Genuine parts*10% off any additional Yamaha Genuine parts*
10% off any Suzuki
Genuine Accessories fitted*
10% off any Yamaha
Genuine Accessories fitted*
10% off any Suzuki Clothing & Merchandise*   10% off any Yamaha Clothing & Merchandise*
*with every booked scheduled service, cannot
be used in conjunction with any other offer.

If you have a Suzuki and want even more discounts
Click here to get a Free Suzuki Winter Discount Card

Suzuki Winter Discount Card

SO CALL Roger or Neil in Workshop Direct on 0121 296 5670 and get yourself booked in

Offer’s open from now until 28th February 2017 so book your scheduled service NOW.